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Mr Stink by David Walliams

The blurb says:


Chloe is just about the loneliest girl in the world.

But then she meets Mr Stink, the local tramp. Yes, he smells a bit – but he’s the only person who’s ever been nice to her. So when Mr Stink needs a place to stay, Chloe decides to hide him in the garden shed!

But Chloe’s about to learn that some secrets have a way of leading to disaster. And speaking of secrets, there just might be more to Mr Stink than meets the nose…


Rosie says:


A bit about the author

David Walliams is a comedian, an actor and keen charity fundraiser, recently completing the tough challenge of swimming the length of the River Thames in London – 140 miles in 8 days – to raise money for Sports Relief. Wow, that’s a lot of swimming, I don’t think I’d be able to complete a length of a swimming pool let alone a mile!


What is Mr Stink all about?

It’s about a tramp called Mr Stink who, with his dog Duchess, roams the world.  Twelve year old Chloe passes Mr Stink on his park bench daily on her way to school and wonders what Mr Stink’s past life was like. Maybe he was an astronaut, or maybe a robber, or even a doctor!  One day she decides to stop and talk to him, even though he stinks, and an unlikely friendship develops.


What was my favourite bit of the story?

Chloe’s mum is standing as the local M.P and wants to have all tramps banned from the streets.  Worried about her friend, Chloe kindly lets Mr Stink come to stay in the garden shed.  POOH!


What did I think of it?

This book is crazy, funny and wonderful, all at the same time!


Who would I recommend this book to?

Boys and girls would ADORE this book


Other books I want to read by this author:

  • Billionaire Boy
  • Gangsta Granny


A note from my human’s grown ups:

We got this book from the library after hearing lots of good reports about David Walliam’s children’s books, it did not disappoint.


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