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Matty Boy and the Secret Pigeon Racket by Anita Hunt

The Blurb Says…

Ever wished you could be a rock star? Ever day dreamed about your team winning the cup or the league? Ever wished that something magical would happen to you? Matt is a lonely young boy, who uses his imagination to cope with the challenges in his life on a daily – if not hourly – basis. Matt has been fostered into an eccentric new family the Joys, and has to change his home, school and friends once again. At the Joy’s he discovers and befriends Percy a scruffy, injured talking pigeon who has run away from his own family – the pigeon mafia – also known as the Secret Pigeon Racket. Together they deal with issues of friendship, bullying, family and loss – and solve a royal kidnapping plot too! Have you ever noticed a pigeon spying on you? No? Well take a closer look,you may be surprised!!! 50p from every book sale will go to Bullying UK.

Rosie Says…

A bit about the author

Anita Hunt helps people who are being bullied to find the courage to tell a grown up. She wrote Matty Boy and the Secret Pigeon Racket to help raise money for the charity Bullying UK.


What is Matty Boy and the Secret Pigeon Racket all about?

8 year old Matt has to move to a yet another different foster home, with yet another new bedroom, new school and new family. If he’s lucky he might manage to avoid getting beaten up by the school bully, Nathan. On the way he makes an unlikely new friend and together they manage to overcome their loneliness and find a way of dealing with the bullies.


What was my favourite bit of the story?

I like it when Percy stands up to his dad, the Don, because it’s sometimes harder to stand up to your family than it is to other bullies.


Who would I recommend this book to?

I think that boys and girls aged 7 to 12 would enjoy this book


A note from my human’s grown ups: If you buy this book from the link below the commission will go directly to the author, who will then pass on a proportion to Bullying UK to continue their work helping kids who are victims of bullying.


Buy Matty Boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket on Amazon

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Tell us what you think.

  1. Sarah Arrow says: February 18, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this one too Rosie, I loved the pigeon racket and how Percy become brave.

  2. Anita says: February 18, 2012

    Hi Rosie,

    Thank you so much for your lovely review! I am so pleased that you enjoyed reading it.

  3. Jane Hatton says: February 18, 2012

    Thank you for this review Rosie – it’s such an important subject for children to read about, and it’s raising money for such a good cause. You write very well for a hamster!

  4. Angela says: February 20, 2012

    My son and I enjoyed reading this book too, Rosie.

    It’s a very important subject and we hope the book raises lots of money for Bullying UK.

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