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Magic Molly: The Clever Little Kitten by Holly Webb

The blurb says:

Molly has a magical way with animals!

Posy the kitten isn’t sure what her magical power is for. She knows it must be something special but she needs Molly’s help to find out.

Rosie says:


A bit about the author

This book was written specially for World Book Day 2012 by Holly Webb. She’s one of my favourite authors and as you will see below I have read many of her books.


What is Magic Molly: The Clever Little Kitten all about?

Molly is a young girl who has a special talent – she can talk to animals. This is really useful because her mother and father are vets. One day a kitten comes into the surgery with a very bruised tail because she trapped it in a washing machine door. Molly finds out that Posy is no ordinary kitten, she is magic like her!


What was my favourite bit of the story?

When Posy the kitten finds out what her magic power is for, because it makes her feel very happy.


Who would I recommend this book to?

I think younger girls would love this.


Other books I have read by this author:

  • Rose
  • Rose and the Lost Princess
  • Rose and the Magician’s mask
  • Rose and the Silver Ghost
  • Lily
  • A Cat Called Penguin
  • Just in time for Christmas (short story in Winter Wishes).

Coming soon by this author:

Lily and the Shining Dragon

A note from my human’s grown ups: As this is a short story it is particularly good as a taster to Holly Webb’s books and ideal for younger readers. Age recommendation on the book is 5+.

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