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Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

The Blurb Says….

A hilarious and touching story about sparky identical twins, Ruby and Garnet

“No-one can ever be like a mother to us. NO-ONE. NO-ONE AT ALL. ESPECIALLY NOT STUPID FRIZZY DIZZY ROSE.

Ruby and Garnet are ten-year-old twins. Identical. They do EVERYTHING together, especially since their mother died three years earlier. But can being a double act work for ever? When so much around them is changing . . .


Rosie Says….

A bit about the author

Best selling children’s author Jacqueline Wilson likes to write stories based on real life families and relationships. She chose to write this book because as an only child she was fascinated about what it would be like to have a twin.


What is Double Act all about?

The book is written in a diary style by ten year old twins Ruby and Garnet. They are especially close because their mother died when they were only seven years old. They have very different personalities. Ruby can’t stop herself from getting dirty, while Garnet stays neat and tidy all day.  The story centres around Ruby’s love for acting (which is not shared by her sister) and leads to an unexpected chain of events.  It is sometimes quite funny but it also has some sad bits.


What is my favourite bit of the story?

My favourite part in Double Act is also my least favourite part of the story.  It is when Garnet wins a scholarship and goes to a posh boarding school called Marnock Heights. Both twins applied for the scholarship but Ruby didn’t pass the entrance exam.  Garnet is upset because Ruby won’t talk to her and she is going on her own to Marnock Heights. Ruby is angry because Garnet got the scholarship instead of her. It’s a happy ending though because after Garnet leaves for her new school, they both realise how much they mean to each other and repair their twinship.


Who would I recommend this book to?

I think girls will love this book.



Other books I have read by this author:

  • Clean Break
  • The Bed and Breakfast Star
  • The Suitcase Kid
  • Tracy Beaker: The Dare Game.


A note from my human’s grown ups:

As far as we can tell Jacqueline Wilson books don’t have an age recommendation on the cover.  However if you visit her website, this book is recommended to 9 to 11 year olds, therefore there may be some unsuitable subject matter for younger children.


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