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Big Day Out by Jacqueline Wilson

The blurb says:

Roll up, Roll up!

Enjoy four very special days out with JACQUELINE WILSON!

Hayley, Marty, Laura and Lily all enjoy a very different day out – trudging through mud in the countryside, eating fish and chips by the sea, discovering a talent at the funfair and meeting a new furry friend!

But which would YOU like best?


Rosie says:


A bit about the author

This is Jacqueline Wilson’s special book for World Book Day 2012. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it as she’s one of my favourite authors.


What is Big Day Out all about?

Four families go off for a special day out, each to somewhere entirely different, each has their own adventure. These short stories are great fun and I loved them.


Which was my favourite story?

My favourite day out was Marty’s trip to the pet show. There were all sorts of different pets there AND Marty and her family buy a pet of their own, which they call Tiger (Bet you can’t guess what he is!?). I think it should have been a hamster though!


Who would I recommend this book to?

I think 7-9 year old girls would love this book.


Other books I have read by this author:

  • Clean Break
  • Double Act
  • Dustbin Baby
  • Bed and Breakfast Star
  • The Cat Mummy
  • The Dare Game: A Tracy Beaker Story
  • Glubbslyme
  • Cliffhanger
  • The Illustrated Mum
  • The Suitcase Kid


Other books I want to read by this author:

  • Lizzie Zipmouth
  • Sleepovers


A note from my human’s grown ups:

This book of short stories seems pretty much suitable for most children, however please be careful with Jacqueline Wilson books, I haven’t seen any with a recommended age on their cover and some cover topics that will not be suitable for all children. I recommend that parents research the content of the book before choosing it for their child.

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