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Hello there!


I’m Rosie and I’m here to share some of my favourite books in the world with YOU!

On my website you’ll find reviews of some of the best kids books ever… (and some that might not be quite so good)

I hope you really enjoy reading them!

But you’re a hamster…..


Oh, you noticed! Well, it’s like this. My favourite place in the world is sitting on my human’s shoulder. My human (she’s only 11) reads a lot. And I mean A LOT!!  What she doesn’t know is that while she’s reading her books, I’m reading them right along with her.

When she’s gone to bed (and her mum and dad are watching telly or playing Scrabble) I get out my blackberry and write my reviews.


I’d love to hear from you, so please comment on the reviews, or if there’s a particular book you’d like to get my opinion on, drop me an email and if my human has it in her collection, I’ll see if I can sneak a peek at it for you!

Enjoy the site,


Rosie xx